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Engineering Village/EI Compendex  An engineering and technology focussed resource. While no full articles are available through this resource, it is good for in debth research, and many articles are linked.

Applied Science and Technology  This resource is more general technology and engineering. Many full resources are immediately available.

Academic Search Complete  This is a general resource with a bit of engineering as well as some history, and a good place to get started on what you may need when the zombies come for you.
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What is a Zombie?
Zombies stem from a variety of backgrounds and myths. There are voodoo style zombies that are raised from the dead by a necromancer or other type of ritual. There are also zombies who become infected with something that makes them in to zombies. Combat with zombies and what you might do in a zombie situation may vary depending on the type of zombie you are facing. 

Academic Search Complete  This resource is good for a general history, or what to do in different circumstances. There are plenty of full articles in many different subjects. 
MED Medline  Learn the weaknesses in the zombie population, How to best guard yourself against zombism, and other health related topics. 
What you need in a Zombie Apocalypse
What resources you will need and what resources are available in the case of an apocalypse could vary depending on your location. In Klamath Falls you may have access to geothermal technology, but that is not very portable should you have to run.

 - this resource will help you get the lay of the land. What the envirnment may have available, and what to do with the toxic sludge the zombies may trail behind them (incase of an industrial accident spawned apocalypse.)

 has a wide variety of engineering documents and articles across disciplines including mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.
DIY Batteries
In case of apocalypse, it is likely that you will not have access to the chemical tools to render materials into a modern battery. Once you figure out what materials will be accessible to you, you can use these resources to build a battery with them.

SpringerLink This resource has a wide variety of topics. Searching battery and design and the materials you may have available such as wood or lemons.
SciTech Connect is an OSTI and department of energy resource that has reports as well as journal articles. Try battery and diy or apocalypse for your search.
REI gear for zombia apocolypse
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