Faculty Presentations
More presentations on 3/5
Klamath Falls LRC 113 
Portland Metro 243
Free Lunch! 12-1pm
OER Review workshop where you can earn $ for just reviewing an open resource – also you can get free lunch. Please register for the review workshop here: https://open.umn.edu/network/workshops/oit-oer-review-workshop-03-05-20
Text Affordability Report 2:00-3:00
The textbook affordability taskforce asked what you are using and learned a ton. Come hear from two taskforce members on what we have learned and join in on the conversation.
More Open Ed week activities
During the week of 3/2/2020 share a selfie to increase awareness of open resources
#OERweek2020 #oregontechlibrary
  • Selfie with any of the OER supporting faculty presenting or who you know are using open resource. Give them a thank you note while you are there.
  • Could you pay rent, bills, other expenses if your textbooks did not cost so much? Tell us how much you spent on texts and how else you could spend that money. Stop by the Library in Klamath Falls or Portland Metro for props. 
  • Write a thank you note to a professor for using an open resource. Tell us about it.
Apply for money in 2020
The library is once again supporting faculty to adapt, adopt, or create low and no cost text alternatives for your courses. Apply by 4/15/2020

Call for proposals  

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen