Top Resources
GEN Opposing Viewpoints  Get multiple perspectives on a topic. For this class, try Organic Food as an initial search.
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus  This is a good resource for more general research on the organic side of chemistry
MED Medline  Some ACS (American Chemical Society) Journals are indexed in Medline, and can be searched.
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Journals and Books
One way to get ideas on a topic is to browse some related books and journals.

Advances in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine - Book (requires prior logon to access)
Analytical Techniques for Clinical Chemistry - Book (requires prior logon to access)
Clinical Chemistry - Book from 1961
Clinical Chemistry - Journal covering original research on innovative practices in today's clinical laboratory
Clinical Chemistry in Laboratory Medicine - Journal covering clinical biochemistry, molecular medicine, hematology, immunology, microbiology, virology, drug measurement, genetic epidemiology, evaluation of diagnostic markers, new reagents and systems, reference materials, and reference values.
Clinical Laboratory Science - Journal of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Occupational Outlook Handbook -  
What Lab Techs Do
More Chemistry resources

Applied Science and Technology
Some full-text. Covers chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, computer technology, and energy-related disciplines. Includes articles, interviews, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, new product reviews/announcements, and more. Covers 1983 - present.
Wiley Interscience - A general resource covering scientific and peer review articles in many subjects
Springer Link - Another general resource with peer reviewed and scientific sources
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