Getting Started
The Oregon Tech library in Klamath Falls holds collections of 7.5 and 15 minute USGS topographic maps of Southern Oregon as well as other print map collections. These are located in the lower level “pit” area.  For more information contact a librarian at 541-885-1772 or

Other maps you may find useful are the campus mapmaps to campus, and the library map.

The Shaw Historical Library also holds several map collections. For more information contact or 541.885.1686.
Subject Specialist
Oregon Explorer Map Viewer
Regional Digital Resources - Oregon & Klamath Basin
Oregon Explorer Map viewer
Build your own map of the state or an individual region by selecting the data or statistics you want to overlay.

DOGAMI (Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Resources) homepage 
A large collection of geographic and geological information and resources.

Klamath Waters Digital Library
View USGS topo maps of the Klamath Basin with historical government land survey notes.
Other Digital Resources
Provides geographic data, imagery, applications, documents, web sites and other resources. Registration allows you to build and share maps and download data for GIS analysis.

USGS Store
Download topo maps for free! 

Basic maps offered in a user-friendly platform. 

USGS Earth Explorer 
Use USGS data to build maps on a Google Maps platform.

Western Illinois University Map Library
This site compiles links to static and interactive map sites for each state in the USA.

University of Oregon MAP (Map and Aerial Photo) Library
A collection of static and interactive websites featuring maps and geographic information.

National Geographic PDF Quads
Free printable PDFs of USGS Quad maps.
Last updated August 2020