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Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases that contains high-quality, independent evidence that inform healthcare decision-making. It is primarily used for its database of systematic reviews and has many clinical trials, technology assessments, and economic evaluations. Use this resource when looking for evidence-based information. 


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Cochrane Library Systematic Reviews Searching
Peer Review in 3 minutes
Professionals Producing Cochrane Reviews
Searching and Book Tips
See the video on searching in the Cochrane Library for systematic reviews above. It is both informative about the Cochrane Library and shows how to create a simple search. 
To search by subject in the Libraries CatalogCochrane Library, or PubMedMeSH terms may be used for better results. If you are not sure what MeSH is, watch the video, "Mesh Headings Part I & Part II". See it below with the PubMed Advanced Search Tutorial.

Perform a search in the OT Libraries catalog and see print and electronic titles such as these:
Painless Evidence-Based Medicine
Pharmacist's Guide to Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinical Decision Making (Includes EBM Glossary.)
Trisha Greenlaugh's book, How to Read a Paper, 2014 is available in print and elctronic format.

Health Statistics
Finding and Using Health Staistics (Tutorial) 
Health Statistics: Glossary of Terms University of Chicago


MeSH Headings Part I and II
PubMed Advanced Search