Top Resources
  • NASA Total Eclipse site gives a wide overview of the eclipse
  • Oregon Health Authority has compiled this list of resources to help eclipse viewers, travelers, and professionals.
  • Vox will let you calculate your view of the eclipse by zip code. The Wilsonville campus will have 99.9% of the sun blocked, and the Klamath Falls campus will see 92.7% coverage.
  • View and upload photos of the eclipse in Flickr.
Oregon Tech Solar Eclipse Balloon Launch
The Gravity and Space (GRASP) Research Club is a student organization at Oregon Institute of Technology in Wilsonville, Oregon.  GRASP is pursing multiple projects, including the 2017 Eclipse Ballooning Project, RockSAT-C, and CubeSAT.

View the project live stream
More Resources
Research in Context by Gale has puttogether some information. Student Resources in context has as well.
Search resources such as Academic Search complete for information on eclipses past and present.