Introduction to college research
During the Fall of 2020, students in ACAD 107, Introduction to college research, designed subject guides  teaching readers to research on a variety of topics. Guides are offered here in either video or static format. Some videos include voice while others are inmages and text. Presentations are ordered by title.
Authors retain copyright on thier works in all formats.
Video Presentations

Healthy Food for Athletes by Michaela Gaede

Maximizing Success by Jacob Cook

Effects of Procrastination on Psychosomatic Stress by Toviah Blauser

Maintaining Motivation in Online Classes by Tannyr Rose

Negative Side Effects of Going Paperless by Nate Gettman

Walmart's LED Light Pollution by Kaden Coulter

Self Isolation and Mental Health Issues by Sunny Winchell

Abandonment effects on Animal Behavior by Jordan Heaton

Smoke Effects on Wildlife by Grace Girdner

Exercise Effects on Long Life Span by Daniel McVay

Building a Search on Self Realization by Zeke Pena

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen