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For open education week we asked a question each day, and you answered. Here is what you said:


March 1st, 2021 - If you purchased the textbooks for your courses, do you think it was worth it? How do you feel about the value of the textbooks and access codes? Do you feel the cost was worth it? Why or why not? 
Congratulations to Courtney in Klamath Falls!
March 2nd, 2021 - If you could get your textbooks for free, what would you do with the money instead?  How do you budget for textbooks? what happens when you are under budget? 
Congratulations to Isaac in Klamath Falls!
March 3rd, 2021 - What is something you’d like faculty to know about access codes or textbooks? 
Congratulations to Summer in Klamath Falls!
March 4th, 2021 - Have any of your instructors had 0 cost textbooks or course materials? If so, give them a shout-out (and a thank you!) 
Congratulations to Jacob in Klamath Falls!
March 5th, 2021 - What was the class with the best course materials you have had at Oregon Tech? Why? 
Congratulations to Lauren in Klamath Falls!


Apply for Oregon Tech Incentives
Due 4/12/2021.
Participate in a learning community Spring 2021 on open education.
Create: and earn $1000 
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3 reasons Open Education matters at Oregon Tech
1. Your learning objectives matter! Open education and open educational materials allow you to adapt materials to meet your learning objectives in ways that traditional publishing cannot. An open copyright license allows you to substitute scenarios from real world experiences, or remix content to meet the specific needs of your students.
2. Openly licensed materials are more accessible to students. In the recent year we have all found that things are not as easily accessible whether it was a physical item left in an office or room, a supply chain issue due to shut downs where the publisher is, or even shipping concerns waiting 4-5 weeks for a book to get to the student. With open materials you can put the whole resource in your canvas shell, or the part of the resource that best meets your course objectives. Students can access materials through a link, or order print versions, or create audio books. You can even get students involved in the creation of the materials and creation of question banks, or problem sets.
3. The state has passed multiple bills in relation to textbook affordability and open or accessible materials. HB2871 requires that courses be searchable by material costs. HB 2213 requires each university and community college have a textbook affordability plan. There are current discussions in the legislature on a bill about course material adoption times. Our state legislature is paying attention to accessibility of education and educational materials to our students.
Check out some of the Textbook Affordability Stars!
There are many more stars to see. Wander the halls of your favorite department to see who is a Textbook Affordability Star. 
Know someone we missed? Email Dawn!
Incentive applications Due 4/12/2021.
Open Ed week events
Attend Oregon Tech Open Ed breaks with faculty:    
  • Monday March 1st 3:30pm OER with the Comm Faculty - Recording
  • Wednesday, March 3 9:30am OER with Management and Psychology -Recording
  • Thursday, March 4, 3pm OER with Chemistry - Recording
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Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Dr. Sharon Beaudry gest a star
Gold star for Dr. Sharon Beaudry for textbook affordability
Dr. Sharon Beaudry gest a star
Dr. MariaLynn Kessler gets a star
Gold star on the door of Dr. MariaLynn Kessler for Textbook affordability work
Dr. MariaLynn Kessler gets a star
Dr. Chelsea Gustafson Gets a Star
Dr. Chelsea Gustafson Gets a gold star on her window for Textbook Affordability
Dr. Chelsea Gustafson Gets a Star
Dr. Seth Anthony gets a star
Dr. Seth Anthony has a gold star on his office door for textbook affordability
Dr. Seth Anthony gets a star