Student savings from the first year of the Oregon Tech Libraries Open educational resource pilot project. 

An individual student taking one of the supported classes in the pilot program saved $211.89 on text materials.
Open Educational Resources at Oregon Tech
2019 OER Champion Awards from Open Oregon Educational Resources included two Oregon Tech faculty.

Oregon Tech 2019 grants - In Spring 2019 the University Library will give an additional 10 faculty stipends to adapt/ adopt/ or create resources in 12 more courses. 

Oregon Tech OER day 02/27/2019 - see presentations by awardees from 2018

Article on the Oregon Tech Program: Clark, A., & Lowe-Wincentsen, D. (2019). Sciences and Technology Open Resources: A Collaborative Effort Between Libraries and Faculty. OLA Quarterly, 24(3), 6-12. https://doi.org/10.7710/1093-7374.1949 

Oregon Tech Library Publishing 

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Contact Dawn for more information about these initiatives and to find resources your classes can use
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