ENGR 318 Engineering Mechanics: Fluids Lab - Finding Resources
Purpose: To find supporting electronic journal or book sources for lab reports
Looking for scholarly, more in-depth articles?
For quick access: http://subjectguides.library.oit.edu/sp4/subjects/guide.php?subject=civil or
Library Home Page (www.oit.edu/libraries) → Find→ Electronic Resources → Find by Subject → select Civil Engineering from the list
Subject Specialist
Picture: Karen Kunz

Karen Kunz
Librarian (Engineering, Copyright, Grants)
Tel: 541-885-1769

ASCE Research Library
American Society of Civil Engineers Library

-- more than 100,000 full text articles from ASCE civil engineering journals and proceedings.  Searching it requires some skill and patience.  Use the options available to limit your searches.

Example: "Laminar pipe flow" searching in ASCE Library

You can refine your search by adding additional keywords, searching different fields of the record, and sorting the results differently.
Once you select an article you can download it as a pdf file.
EI Compendex / Engineering Village
Engineering Village/EI Compendex

-- contains abstracts and some full text articles from more than 5,000 engineering journals, conference proceedings and other sources as well as patent information and other items related to all aspects of engineering. Searching it requires some skill and patience.  Use the options available to limit your searches. Try using the Thesaurus to identify the subject term that matches your keyword search term.

Example: "Laminar pipe flow" searching in EI Compendex

You can refine your search by adding additional keywords, using subject terms from the Controlled Vocabulary (thesaurus) in your search string, and using limiters such as Date and Language.
The full text of most articles is often not immediately available.  You will need to click the Find It button to see if it is available in another electronic resource. If not, click the Request an ILL article link to send your request to the library.  If the article is available, you will usually receive an email message from the library with a link to the article in 2-4 business days. 
Applied Science and Technology
Applied Science and Technology
-- contains full-text articles from more than 200 publications. Same platform as Academic Search Complete (EBSCO).

Example: "Laminar pipe flow" searching in Applied Science and Technology

You can refine your search by adding additional keywords, using subject terms from the Subject dropdown on the left, and using limiters such as Date, Scholarly Journals, and Language. Not all articles are full-text so you may need to use the Find It button. (See Engineering Village)
ASCE Tutorial
Introduction to EI Compendex
How to use Applied Science and Technology
Looking for definitions or short overview articles?
Start with:

Credo Reference

-- Giant online reference library of encyclopedias, subject specific dictionaries, handbooks, etc.  

Example: “Laminar flow” searching Credo Reference

Definitions from:
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Physics
  • Dictionary of Engineering Terms
  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms
Looking for more in-depth general articles?

-- A wide range of Civil Engineering References. Chapters that serve the research needs of civil, structural, and agricultural engineers as well as wastewater managers and architects. Includes the Civil Engineering HandbookCRC Handbook of Engineering Tables, and Analytical Fluid Mechanics.

General tips for Searching in all Electronic Resources at the Oregon Tech Libraries
  • Define your topic as well as you can.
  • State what you are searching for in a short sentence or phrase.  Use the nouns from your phrase as keywords.
  • Understand the difference between keywords and subject terms and when each is useful in your searching.
  • Remember to consult the thesaurus for subject terms when searching databases.
  • Remember to check the subject terms or descriptors for useful search terms when you find a relevant item.
  • Use a search log to keep track of your searches.  It will reduce time spent on repetitive searches.
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