ENGR 111 Introduction to Engineering - Finding Resources
Purpose: To locate background information about engineering
Looking for scholarly, more in-depth articles?
Applied Science and Technology
Some full-text. Covers chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, computer technology, and energy-related disciplines. Includes articles, interviews, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, new product reviews/announcements, and more. Covers 1983 - present.

Academic Search Complete
Lots of full-text. This is a multi-disciplinary database with more than 3,900 full-text journals and covering nearly every area of academic study.            
Subject Specialist
Picture: Karen Kunz

Karen Kunz
Librarian (Engineering, Copyright, Grants)
Tel: 541-885-1769

Looking for definitions or short overview articles?
Start with: 
Credo Reference
A giant online reference library that provides you with access to a selection of reference books. Includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations, not to mention a range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy and literature to law.
Looking for more in-depth general articles or chapters?
ENGnetBASE is the e-book engineering collection of CRCnetBASE. It includes Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, and General Engineering 
General tips for Searching in all Electronic Resources at the Oregon Tech Libraries
  • ​Define your topic as well as you can.
  • State what you are searching for in a short sentence or phrase.  Use the nouns from your phrase as keywords.
  • Understand the difference between keywords and subject terms and when each is useful in your searching.
  • Remember to consult the thesaurus for subject terms when searching databases.
  • Remember to check the subject terms or descriptors for useful search terms when you find a relevant item.
  • Use a search log to keep track of your searches.  It will reduce time spent on repetitive searches.

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