What are some ways to search?

Boolean operators: using the words AND, OR, and NOT to connect your search terms will get you more or less results. AND gets less results, Or gets more results. Use these to connect search terms instead of searching for a phrase.

Synonyms: The people who decide what subject and keywords describe each item in your search results may not think like you or I. It is helpful to think of some synonyms for your search terms if you are not finding useful results.

Subject terms: Subject terms are the resource specific terms used to describe a source.  Look for a thesaurus for the resource you are searching in. This will help you identify subject terms for your topic. Many electronic resources also offer suggested subjects based on the keywords you enter in your search.

Citation searching: This type of search is useful if you already know a bit about what you are researching. You can look up to see who has cited a specific source, as well as looking at that sources reference to see where they got their information. Another form of citation searching is finding articles that cite the works of a specific author/ creator. This is useful when you know the name of a subject expert .

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