What types of resources may I use?

These are some general types of resources - You can use them all. Make sure to double check the assignment guidelines.

  • Books – Tend to be more detailed and take longer to write and publish than journal articles.
  • E-books – While access may be easier with an e-book, publishers are treating them the same as print books when it comes to publication time.
  • Images – a photograph or drawing can say a lot.
  • Lecture – Whether attending a class or listening to a special speaker, a lecture is information given by an expert in the field.
  • Popular Magazine – This is something you would pick up for general interest or entertainment reading.
  • Reference books – there are different types of reference books such as the encyclopedia or the almanac. In general, reference works will have an overview of information on a topic.
  • Scholarly Journal – This is where you would find current research in a field. A subset of the scholarly journal is a peer reviewed journal. Peer review means that the articles have been blind reviewed by other experts in the field before publication.
  • Trade publications – These are generally published by an organization such as the National Paramedic Society.
  • Website – A website is a group of pages published electronically on the internet. While many organizations and publishers have websites, it is important to note the ease of which an individual can create their own website with content on any subject  

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