What is a Scholarly journal?

  • Scholarly journal’s cover and pages are usually plain in design. They do not have advertisements, but the text might be accompanied by graphs, tables and charts
  • Journal title may include terms such as "journal," "review," or "bulletin"Authors always cite their sources using footnotes and/or a bibliography
  • Articles are written by an expert in the field and usually reviewed by peers for accuracy prior to publication
  • Scholarly journals tend to use specific terminology, required by the field of knowledge they represent. In order to fully understand the contents of a scholarly article, the reader should have a high level of education in the discipline
  • The main purpose of scholarly journals is to publish reports on original research, to describe experiments involved in it, in order to make this information available to the scientists and academics interested in getting the latest and most accurate data in their field
  • Articles may include these sections: abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, and bibliography
  • Pages are consecutive throughout each volume
  • Many scholarly journals are published by specific professional organizations
  • Journals tend to be published less often, (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually)

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