1. Are government documents shelved like the rest of the books in the library?

2. How do I cite in AMA?

3. How do I cite in APA Style?

4. How do I cite in Chicago Style?

5. How do I cite in IEEE?

6. How Do I Cite in MLA Style?

7. How do I cite in my paper or project?

8. How do I find a government document online?

9. How do I find a specific online journal?

10. How do I invite a librarian to come to my class?

11. How do I invite a librarian to participate in my online class?

12. How do I order a book or an article from another library?

13. How do I pick a topic?

14. How do I put materials on reserve for my students ?

15. How do I request a book purchase for my class?

16. I just want a book in the library.

17. My Program is a joint program with OHSU. Are there extra resources I can access?

18. What are government documents?

19. What are nested citations and how do I use them?

20. What are some ways to search?

21. What are systematic reviews?

22. What are the databases included in Cochrane Library?

23. What is a government document?

24. What is a Scholarly journal?

25. What is Evidence-based Practice?

26. What is Interlibrary Loan?

27. What is Summit and what is ILL?

28. What is the process for critical appraisal of research studies?

29. What is the Superintendent of Documents Classification System?

30. What should I consider when evaluating my sources?

31. What types of resources may I use?

32. Where do I search for journal papers published from direct funding from the National Institute of Health?

33. Where do I find current clinical studies?

34. Where do I find government documents in the library?

35. Where do I find the meaning for abbreviated titles of journals in NCBI Databases such as PubMed?

36. Why would I want to use a government document?

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